Can I access affordable internet while cruising overseas?

Q. Mary
I am going on a cruise later this year and want to stay in contact with my family. I have heard that internet prices on cruise ships are high and would like to know if there is a way that I can ‘roam the globe’ whilst avoiding ‘global roaming’ on my phone?

A. When travelling overseas, it is best to leave your phone at home if possible and rely on other forms of communication, such as Skype. If you can’t bear to leave your phone at home or are going to be in one country for a period of time, you might consider buying a SIM card at your destination. As you will be using a local provider, this will stop you from coming home to an astronomical phone bill. Access to the internet is available on cruise ships if you are prepared to buy a block of time to use over the course of your holiday. Be aware that with Skype you will use up your time quickly without even realising it. It may be best to stay in contact via emails as you can share a larger block of information in a short period of time. Many savvy travellers save their communication until they reach a port. Most cafes now offer free WIFI and here, for the price of a coffee, you can search the internet and email for free!