Eight hours in Corfu

I am off the ship at about 8.05am eager to explore the old town before we head off in a hire car to seek scenery, beaches and hidden tavernas. The old town apparently doesn’t ‘awake’ until 10 or 11, but this gives me a marvellous opportunity to get some great photos of the stunning Italianate architecture in the narrow streets of the main Spianada square. My sightseeing is not without incident – as I am steadying my camera to take a shot of an old Italianate mansion, a (literally) mad dog rushes out and bites my leg. Thoughts of rabies flash through my mind. Gasping my last in a delirious state in a Corfu emergency room was not what I had in mind when I left home. But happily the bite was amateurish – it did not break the skin, so I retreat, relieved. Later in the day we drive due west to enjoy the delights of Paleokastritsa beach and lunch at a local taverna.

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