12th May 2014
Freighter travel

John is keen to travel to Japan in a slightly unusual fashion and would like to know more about how to get there by freighter.

Q. John
I’m not so keen on flying but would love to visit Japan. I've always wanted to experience life at see and I was wondering if there are any freighters which go there which carry passengers? I'm not really interested in the typical cruise liner and think that a freighter would be a fun way to travel

A. There is a company here in Australia, Freighter Expeditions, which specialises in such travel and has a wide variety of ships and voyages.

The number of cabins on offer are limited and the routes available depend on export and import trends, so you may have to wait some time before a suitable sailing arises. However, you could sail to a nearby country, and bare the pain of a shorter flight to reach your destination.

Also, facilities onboard will be limited and the crew may not speak much English, however, the plus side is that you eat your meals with the oficers so are likely to meet a range of truly interesting people.

Yellow fever vaccinations are compulsory for all voyages and you must be between the ages of six and 80 to make the trip. If you plan on taking anything particular on board, such as a bike, you should check first for permissions.

For more information, visit Freighterexpeditions.com.au.


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    31st May 2014
    Please chick out site and Google for yourself b4 you even think about going to Fukushima as it is very deadly over there since the disaster --here a a couple of site but please Google for your self too, the Japan' Government are lying to there people as are TEPCO

    Also Look up Dr Helen Cauldicott and what she has to say, there is heaps on the net --PLEASE take care and look well into it


    31st May 2014
    Some more


    2nd Jun 2014
    PlanB, from now on I shall refer to you as "Shima"

    Why hijack what could have been an interesting discussion with your rantings.
    So, Shima, I say to you FUKUSHIMA

    BTW Nuclear energy is still by far the greenest method of energy production.
    2nd Jun 2014
    They say ignorance is bliss --so please your self, I have tried to be helpfull

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