Joanna Lumley, Viking Odin’s Godmother

Many people have been inspired by Joanna Lumley, if not as an actress, then by her enduring goodwill work which she tirelessly undertakes. It’s hardly surprising then that when looking for four godmothers for its new longships, Joanna Lumley was top of Viking’s list.

In March 2012, four new longships were launched and christened in Amsterdam and Rostock. Following tradition, four Godmothers were carefully selected. Each of the four Viking Longships was appointed a godmother who represents a key pillar of Viking River Cruises’ heritage: Rebecca Eaton, Executive Producer of NBC’s “Masterpiece” represents culture and heritage; Joanna Lumley, Actress, represents inspiration; Dr. Lisa Randall, Theoretical Physicist at Harvard University, represents discovery; and Gail Wiswedel, Viking’s most-travelled guest, represents journeying.

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