So many restaurants!

There are many different restaurants on board. The Lido is the main buffet-style restaurant for those not wishing to plan ahead, or to enjoy light snacks.

The Tamarind features stylish Asian fusion cuisine and the Manhattan offers classic surf and turf dining of a consistently high standard.. And then there is the Le Cirque experience in the Pinnacle Grill where the famous New York chef Sirio Maccioni has created a special dining experience offered once each cruise.

Last night we dined for a final time in the Manhattan. The meal was sumptuous – as always – and once again the sommelier, Samur, visits our table to explain his choice of wines to match the dishes prepared by Master Chef, Rudi Sodamin. Samur was born in India and trained in hospitality in Mumbai. In recent years he has worked on ships, selecting wines for the cellar and matching these wines to the various menus and advising passengers on what will work best with their choice of dishes. The range of wines on board is extensive with whites, reds and sparkling/champagne from France, Italy, California, Chile, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. They are also fairly reasonably priced.

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