The stress-free way to disembark from your cruise ship

Finishing your cruise can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

No matter how long you have been at sea, when your cruise comes to an end the final day can be quite a stressful experience. While it is a time that is often tinged with sadness and tearful goodbyes to the friends you made along the way, there are a number of things you can do to ease the transition back to land.

Check your bill
Most of the time your cruise bill will accurately reflect your purchases, but from time to time there may be mistakes, so it is worth checking in with Guest Relations nice and early as it is a much bigger hassle if you try and sort the situation out once you get back home.

Check the safe
When you are packing to leave don’t forget about any valuables that you may have stowed away. Also, if you have any medications that you store in the fridge, make sure you collect them all for packing before you leave.

Don’t forget to eat
Not all of the ship’s restaurants will necessarily be open on disembarkation day, but you will be notified of which ones are open and what times they shut. Don’t be afraid to fill up, either. You will most likely have a long trip home (assuming you don’t live close to the home port), and cooking is the last thing you will feel like doing when you walk in the door. Don’t, however, fall into the trap of trying to smuggle food off the ship. There are strict rules about taking food off a cruise ship, and this can cause headaches while you are trying to disembark.

Follow the guidelines
Each ship has its own set of rules for the final day aboard, whether it’s adding tags to your luggage or the time for each group to disembark. Make sure you pay attention and follow the rules, as this will ensure a smooth disembarkation process.

Are you a frequent cruiser? What tips do you have for getting off the ship stress-free on the final day?



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    16th Feb 2019
    Just got off the Ovation of the seas, and most people were getting off at deck 5. But the ships announcement also said deck 2 was available. I then realised that deck 2 is where the wheel chair people go and the luggage is actually on the ground floor not up at the deck 5level.
    All the deck 5 people were doing was walking around in a big loop and then catching escalators down to the ground floor. I got off at deck 2 and we walked straight into the luggage hall. Ha ha, queue jumped about 200 people. Good trick, only works in Sydney though. Might be different at other ports.
    16th Feb 2019
    My husband and I are both in our seventies but reasonably fit and strong. We only take one case each on wheels and maybe a small carry on bag. This means we do not need to put our cases out the evening before and are able to take our own bags off when we disembark. Because we still have our cases in the cabin in the morning it means there is no worry about having to put aside what we need on the last day and we also have all our toiletries. They are always the last things to be packed. The best thing is not having to search for your luggage once you are off the ship.
    16th Feb 2019
    Spot on ! Learnt early on to just take what you really need and keep your case in your cabin . I’ve seen passengers with so much gear they must be packing ball gowns ! A cruise is to relax and enjoy
    Wendy HK
    17th Feb 2019
    OMG! We are going on a cruise on Sunday - first one for years and both hubby and I have so much we NEED to take.
    I KNOW we have too much but what can we leave behind and what do we NEED?
    We are going to NZ from Qld and I know its going to be a LOT cooler.
    I'm in awe of people who are so organised and can take a small case.

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