Five fun reasons to go on a port-intensive cruise

Five fun reasons why you should take a port-intensive cruise.

Five fun reasons to go on a port-intensive cruise

One of the best parts of cruising is the potential for visiting multiple ports, allowing you to see more of the world and have a deeper experience of the locations you visit.

A port-intensive cruise becomes your hotel on water, as it sails at night, arriving at a new port almost every day.

The stop-overs at each new port are long, so you’ll have the opportunity to explore each location in more depth and experience the culture properly.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a port-intensive cruise and some handy tips for staying busy while still having fun:

1. Local food inspiration
When you stop over at the many and varied locations, you’ll find signature cuisines and cafes to indulge in. Don’t be afraid to accumulate ideas from their dishes and share your expertise when you return home. Meal times will never be boring again!

2. Fewer expenses and plane tickets
Flights are pricey and are only getting more expensive as time passes. By choosing to travel a port-intensive cruise you get more value for your money, with the opportunity to visit various cities and countries on one ticket.

3. In-depth history and culture
Many of the port-intensive cruises on offer travel through differing locations which offer varying cultures and experiences to learn from. Each day, the cruise takes you to a completely new location, so be sure to take in as much information and ideas as you can in order to grow your own cultural palette.

4. Personal space and time
If you’re in need of some rest and recovery time on board, there are plenty of hours in the day to relax and re-energise before the next adventure. Check out the ship’s pools, spas and fun offers and take some time to enjoy them while you’re at it.

5. Opt for private tours
Private tours can assist you to find the little nooks and crannies of each destination. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and listen for stories that shape your journey. Take time to sit and get to know the people around you with the help of your guide.

Have you ever been on a port-intensive cruise?



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    14th Apr 2018
    Port intensive cruises are good in some ways but do have their drawbacks - don't expect to see too much at each location and be very wary of taking excursions which are NOT provided bt the cruise line. If an excursion is provided by the company you are cruising with and your tour is running late getting back to the ship, they are obliged to wait for you. If you choose to go with another private tour group and you're late getting back, don't expect the ship to be there waiting for you.
    14th Apr 2018
    And be aware as the ship races between one port and the next during the night it kills whales that are sleeping near the surface of the sea. No fun reason to go on a cruise here. I would NEVER go on an ocean going cruise.
    15th Apr 2018
    Jennie, what is it about cruise ships and whales that seems to obsess you. What about all the other maritime traffic which exceeds the number of cruise ships many times over. In actuality cruise ships are very conscious of fuel usage and generally travel at the most economic speed between ports, usually relatively slow, they have no need to "race". On the other hand, merchant ships have financial imperative to get the most cargo moved per-annum so speed between ports is highly desirable.
    14th Apr 2018
    Port intensive cruises can actually be more expensive because you generally spend money on tours and shopping. I also like to have a few days at sea to enjoy the facilites of the ship that I have already paid for.
    14th Apr 2018
    Agree with you Miranda. Gra above is absolutely right about shore excursions being booked with the cruise company. I have about a year's worth of cruise days up and I have seen some things, like excursions being bought on line in foreign ports and then the port not being accessible on the day. The money is generally lost, the ships tours are immediately refunded.
    Another item to look for in port intensive cruises: have a look at the ports you are going to. If there are too many tender port it becomes a hassle. To get all the people on life boats and out again is not a nice experience. I have seen people staying on board after the first two.
    One of the best cruises I have been on was one where the minimum age was 45 and everyone had to be able to get up 35 steps on the gangway unaided. It went thru the Caribbean and up the Amazon, over to Ghana and down the African west coast to Cape Town, very port intensive but mostly using tenders (life boats).
    15th Apr 2018
    Tend to disagree with you Anna. My preference is for sea days rather than a different port each day. The first thing I look at when I am contemplating a cruise is the itinerary to check the number of sea days (or scenic cruising) is at least equal to the number of port days. Too many port days then I look to another cruise. Not that I do not like being in a port but I like being 'at sea' more.

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