World's first topless cruise: the cruise line with no tan lines

Cruise operator Original Group will launch the first-ever topless-optional cruise.

Take off on a topless cruise

Following on from its couples-only, clothing optional cruise, Azamara Quest, cruise operator Original Group will launch the first-ever topless-optional cruise.

Imagine standing on the top deck, topless? Sounds quite liberating, no?

The topless concept comes courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resort, which is accommodation that runs under a similar premise.

It’s seafaring equivalent, the Temptation Caribbean Cruise, is a five-night, adults-only (of course) voyage departing Tampa, Florida in February 2020 stopping in Mexico and Grand Cayman.

“With a history spanning over 40 years as Cancun’s number one adult-centric resort and following the completion of a recent multimillion-dollar renovation project, Temptation has become a must-visit destination for high-energy travellers in search of a carefree atmosphere and quality services,” said Original Group Chief Rodrigo de la Pena.

“Our new Temptation Caribbean Cruise is part of an ambitious global plan to continue expanding and establishing ourselves as the leader of the adult travel industry worldwide.”

Areas aboard the vessel will be topless-optional, such as the pools and sundecks, but dining areas and other facilities will require



Would you go on a topless cruise?



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    24th Mar 2018
    Line up to get your boob jobs done, ladies! And while you're at it, get the lipo going on the "spare tyre" around the middle too! Might as well go for the trifecta and also get the lips pumped up (like a lot of the women on those dreadful "reality" TV shows abounding at present) - IT'S TOPLESS CRUISIN' TIME! Boy oh boy, they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time! Well, they'll be sailing without me, that's for sure!
    24th Mar 2018
    Feminists are now complaining that women should be able to go topless. They think that men are forcing them to wear tops. Their stupidity never ceases to amaze me, men either think it's a good idea or don't care. All this cruise will achieve is less older couples on the cruise and if you suggest it to the wife I bet she says no. Let's be honest some older women should really keep their tops on , I'm suggesting track pants and a jumper. Ha ha
    26th Mar 2018
    I believe that women's breasts show something of their character, just from observation, but only when you know that person much better, and that understanding is rare, so I think, if you want to flaunt your character, flaunt your tits, but most men will assume that that is an invitation to sex so you have wasted your time, unless that is all you wanted, so no complaining.
    It reminds me of a joke where some woman is killed and God says "what are you doing here, you have another 40 years, go back, so armed with the knowledge that she has another 40 years she does the full monty, Liposuction, skin repair, breast enhancement, extra tissue removal, facial improvement, leg trimming, - you name it she does it, - upon exiting the hospital where all this happens she is run over by an ambulance on it's way to the emergency ward, multiple fractures, crushed heart and lungs, split head, she dies, and then, full of indignation, she screams at God, - "What about my 40 years", - He looks rather tiredly at her and says, Sorry, I didn't recognise you.

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