The cruise that doesn’t sail

Just when you thought cruising couldn’t get any more popular, a new ship has opened the market up to a whole new market.

Catering to those who don’t actually wish to spend a week or more at sea, the latest offering out of South Korea provides the cruising experience without ever actually setting sail. Perfect for anyone who is prone to sea sickness, the Sun Cruise Resort is a land-based cruise featuring everything you would expect on a typical cruise.

Positioned on a cliff with panoramic views of the Sea of Japan, the 30,000 tonne ship is 165 metres long and includes 211 rooms, six restaurants, and even has a rotating bar on the top floor. With an indoor gym and seawater outdoor pool, rooms are priced from $150 per night.

Still not sold? The resort even plays the sound of crashing waves through speakers to give you the experience of being at sea.

Check out the photos and let us know what you think of this concept? Does this defeat the purpose of the cruising experience? Or is it a good option for those who suffer from sea sickness?

You can find out more at Sun Cruise.

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