Four things that will surprise first-time cruisers

Taking a cruise for the first time can be a very exciting experience!

Things that will surprise cruisers

Taking a cruise for the first time can be a very exciting experience! It is a holiday like no other, and cruising virgins are often in awe of what they discover.

How easy it is to get lost
You may have seen some fairly large cruise liners in dock before, but until you hop aboard, nothing really prepares you for the fact that you can easily find yourself getting lost for the first couple of days. While you may think you have a good sense of direction, the interlocking stairways and passageways can easily confuse even seasoned cruise ship travellers at times. With multiple decks, dining areas, pools, shopping areas and more, it's hard not to be blown away by the enormity of it all.

The quality of the food
Your cruise fare always includes food for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a cruise ship. However, not all venues that offer food will be free. Wherever you choose to dine (main dining room, specialty restaurant or at the buffet), the quantity and quality of the food will never cease to amaze you. It seems counterintuitive to think that a ship feeding thousands of passengers can maintain high menu standards, but not many people have been disappointed with snack or meal options on a ship. The other thing is that you can eat at any time of the day. Don’t be surprised to finish your first cruising holiday several kilograms heavier than when you left.

It is difficult/expensive to stay connected
You might think you are just an email or Facebook post away from your friends and family back home; however, the reality is that unless you want to pay through the nose, you will have to relax and enjoy your holiday without sharing the experience until you get home. Wifi access on board cruise ships has come a long way, but it is still not particularly cheap or reliable. You are often better off planning to use wifi on port days to try and save some money.

There is so much to do
It is common for first-time cruisers to worry about whether they may get bored on board, especially if there are quite a few consecutive sea days involved. Experienced cruisers would scoff at such folly. Of course, the entertainment available completely depends on which cruise line and ship you choose, but there is usually plenty for everyone. Circus acts, comedy, musical entertainment, movies, games, cooking classes, dance lessons, the opportunities are almost limitless. Perhaps the biggest surprise will be how many activities you didn’t get around to doing once the cruise has ended.

What surprised you when you went on your first cruise?



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    Old Geezer
    11th Apr 2018
    Cruises re great as I can relax catch up on so much more reading than I can do at home.
    11th Apr 2018
    Yes, there is lots to napkin folding, listening to a half hour lecture now and then, bingo, reading, reading, playing board games, , trivia quizes, sitting around the pool and having the occasional swim. Drinking is another good way to fill in time...but do be prepared for a hefty bill at the end of the cruise if you do not pay out around $70 per person per day to drink yourself silly. You can also play the pokies or some other game in the casino but the last cruise there was little interest in any of that and the place was practically empty most of the time.

    Eating yourself silly is another way to fill in time as well...but do make sure you bring elastic waisted slacks girls.

    At night time there is usually a one hour show of some sort. Sometimes there is an afternoon show of something or other as well.

    If you have a cruise where you go ashore every day or so it is fine but too many days at sea can be boring for those who like to do other things than that stated above.

    Some love cruising and there are others, surprisingly enough who can take it or leave it.

    Of course it depends on which cruise line you go with...some are three star (where you get a lot of bogans) but if you are prepared to pay and go more upmarket you can get a great cruise. The old story, you get what you pay for.

    Some like inside cabins, others would not set food in one and prefer a balcony cabin at least. Getting sick and being confined to your cabin with a security guard on the door in an inside cabin is not something many would enjoy at all. At least in a prison cell you can look outside, albeit a small slot.

    I am amazed that some have been on up to a hundred cruises...probably better to buy a permanent cabin and keep going round and round.
    11th Apr 2018
    Radish - you are so right in what you have written above. We always travel in a balcony cabin, love the fresh air out of the air con, inside you have no option. Just came back from a cruise to PNG and next month we shall be off for 5 weeks around the South Pacific. Cruising has changed over the years, my first was in 1969, when ships went from continent to continent and it really was a means of transport instead of flying which was expensive. Not so now.
    If you're a beginner, take a 4-day sampler and see how you go. Get some motion sickness tablets from the chemist, take them the night before the trip gets rough otherwise they don't work.
    11th Apr 2018
    I agree Old Geezer a cruise is a great relaxing holiday, I have been on 3, would love to go on another but health and finances are a hinder
    11th Apr 2018
    On the cruises I have done very little time is spent in the stateroom - unless you're recovering from a strenuous shore excursion, then it's a quick catnap to recharge the batteries and then back into shipboard activities. On the last cruise on Celebrity Solstice if we weren't catching a show in one of the theatres we were gaining an insight into any number of subjects, watching the glass blowing demonstrations, soaking up some sun around the pool, taking part in a fun game of putt putt around one of the lounge bars or having a very nice cup of coffee in the main coffee lounge. Never a dull moment on board one of the big ships.
    Retiring Well
    12th Apr 2018
    I found nothing to my liking at all on a cruise. If one sits down you get abused as you have sat in someone's seat no matter of there are plenty of vacant ones. You have to be a monkey to get past people who sit the end of rows in theatres as they refuse to pull themselves in so you can get past. Food is dreadful. You have to line up like sheep for everything unless you pay through the nose not too. Everywhere you go on the ship someone wants to sell you something. You get abused because you have your balcony door open. It is certainly no holiday.

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