Travel insurance for cruising

What can happen if you travel without cruise insurance?

Travel insurance for cruising

Travel insurance can seem like a costly add-on to your holiday, especially if you’re cruising for an extended period, but what can happen if you travel without?

Cruise travel insurance: A lifeboat for your wallet
Insurance is important in every facet of your life, and vacations are no exception. Educating yourself on travel insurance for any type of trip you are planning is a vital part of the process. Cruise travel insurance is a must for all cruisers, and can really save you money, time, and stress (if problems arise with your booking, the weather, or your health). Continue reading below and find out why travel insurance is so important.

Why should I purchase cruise travel insurance?
Let’s face it, there’s always the possibility of something going wrong when you are travelling away from home. Whether it’s trouble in another country, health issues, or the elements interfering with your voyage, you want to be covered financially if anything goes wrong. When you purchase cruise travel insurance, you can ease your mind and your wallet.

How much does it cost?
This is different in each cruise travel agency, but is usually only a fraction of the total cruise cost. Basically, what we’re saying is the cost of cruise travel insurance is miniscule compared to the potential cost of dealing with travel problems (see above) sans insurance.

What does it cover?
Reasonably unforeseen occurrences before and during your cruise, such as:

  • flight problems (the flight is covered under the insurance)
  • missed cruise connections (portion of the cost)
  • incidents during the trip to and from the cruise ship (known as tendering)
  • baggage troubles
  • injuries and illnesses (both onboard and ashore) 

Travelling without insurance is never adviseable and it's important to get the right policy for your needs. Ensure all pre-existing conditions are covered and that the countries you will be visiting on your trip are also included. Remember, a safe trip is a happy trip.


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    6th Dec 2014
    Is that the Captain in the Header ??
    6th Dec 2014
    Doesn't the comprehensive travel insurance (world-wide) cover cruising as well?
    6th Dec 2014
    I thought so ??
    6th Dec 2014
    I bought my travel insurance from Allianz when I did my 14 day Mediterranean cruise. It wasn't specifically for a "cruise" just normal travel insurance. It cost me $144 dollars, which was a reduced cost as soon as I ticked the box for "cruise" and covered me for all the normal things that a travel insurance covers.
    6th Dec 2014
    Debbie's advice is sound, but please tell me how one can "ensure" that all pre-existing medical conditions are covered. No Australian insurance company will do this, but many UK and US companies do so as a matter of course. And the increased premium is not always that great.
    6th Dec 2014
    It depends on the pre-existing medical condition. Some are OK. I have high blood pressure (which I declared) and it made no difference. They had a list of examples of ones that weren't covered....and I'm 71 so age didn't really have a lot of bearing on the premium. You shop around until you find the policy that suits your needs.
    12th Feb 2016
    Travel Insurance provided by Probis Clubs does cover pre-existing conditions, but IIRC that is on the condition that you have not been treated for the condition for xx months.

    If you are interested then have a read of the info on their main page

    7th Dec 2014
    Myself and partner going on a 2 month European holiday, going on a river cruise for 2 of the weeks from Amsterdam to Budapest, as well as spending the rest of the time on our own visiting about 4 other countries. We always take out travel insurance when we travel, and intend to do the same for this trip. Is there anything about doing a cruise which makes it different in regards of taking out travel insurance as we haven't done a cruise before?

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