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Of course the best recommendation which can be given is from someone who has already taken a cruise, so what do Bentour’s passengers think?

Hi Helen

Mike and I returned from our 10-week overseas trip nearly two weeks ago and are back to our normal routines again.

We had a great time. All went extremely well – thank you so much for all your assistance with the planning, organising and bookings – there were no problems really anywhere that I can recall. The hotels in Oslo, Stockholm, Bergen, Roros, Voss & Trondheim were all fine. We particularly liked the Stockholm one. More so after the first night, as we were initially put into an attic room with quite low sloping ceilings and Mike, (who is very tall), felt uncomfortable but they happily moved us the following day. We also really like Fleischers Hotel in Voss. And we loved the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and the Vigeland Outdoor Sculpture Park in Oslo.

The Hurtigruten cruise was probably the highlight of our trip. The scenery, staff, service and food on board – were all wonderful. The cabins are so well designed. We were particularly lucky with the weather. We had bright sunshine and blue sky and sea for nearly the whole trip. On the last few days the weather was a bit dull and overcast with a little rain, but this was interesting in itself, as we could see how everything looked in different weather and it made for some interesting photos too.

We also enjoyed the excursions – probably the only one that was a little disappointing was the one to the Russian border up in Finnmark. We also added on the one to see the Huskies which was great too, even though I was bitten by one over enthusiastic dog, through 3 layers of clothes. Fortunately it healed quickly. I also got bitten by a wasp in northern Germany!

Mike is busy editing the many photos we (mainly he) took.

So again, many thanks for all your help in making the trip a success.


Liz and Mike Lynch

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