Virgin Voyages wants to "epically change" cruising

Virgin Voyages aims to turn the cruise world on its head.

Virgin Voyages wants to

Seems everything Sir Richard Branson touches turns to gold and with his foray into cruising, (ahem ‘voyaging’), expect the business maestro to turn the cruise world on its head.

“Sailing should feel transformative. Yet after listening to some avid sailors, we wondered if things could be different. At Virgin Voyages we think the time to epically change sea travel is upon us,” said Virgin in a statement.

“Welcome to our own fresh take on cruising. Here, curiosity is more important than an itinerary. Interactions matter more than transactions. With us, you don’t ‘tourist’– you voyage.”

The first ‘Ladyship’ will feature a premium, luxurious, adults-only experience. In other words, you have to be 18 years old to board. Virgin Voyages is hoping to capture a similar feeling to sailing on a private yacht, only it’s a boat that will carry 2700 passengers and 1150 staff.

First glimpses at the exterior design show a modern livery and the look of a floating promenade with a futuristic hotel set in the middle. The creative collective brought together to design the vessel have worked on some of the world’s most impressive travel and hospitality spaces. While Virgin is keeping mum about details of the ship’s interior, it is believed that 86 per cent of the cabins will have a sea view with balcony, and the overall look and feel promise to deliver a meaningful experience that will redefine cruising.

virgin voyages mermaid

“We basically decided ­­– Let’s have a blank sheet of paper, let’s create the kind of voyage company that we would like to go on ­– and that’s what we’ve done,” said Sir Richard.

The ship will be ported in Miami for year-round sailing in the Caribbean from 2020. Anyone interested in sailing during the inaugural season, or on the virgin Virgin Voyage can place a $500 deposit per couple. The only catch is, you won’t know where you’re going, but all deposits are fully refundable if you change your mind.

Are you excited about Virgin’s foray into cruising? Would you be interested in sailing during the inaugural season?



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    24th Feb 2018
    Yes indeed! It all sounds very lovely and plush for those who can afford it. Why not? If your kind of travelling means just lazing around while being continually fed and entertained, then go for it! Personally, after having experienced several cruises, I have come to the conclusion that cruising alone is not very satisfying, as your time on land is far too limited to capture the flavour of different countries and enjoy the sights.By the time you disembark, go on a shore excursion and get back on board again, you barely have time to see or do anything memorable. The only exception, I must admit, was the Alaskan cruise, where the ship actually squeezed into some amazing bays and sounds, otherwise inaccessible by land. I find that cruise ships are generally no much more than floating luxury hotels. Then again, to each their own! Cheers
    24th Feb 2018
    Well, zeus, you hit the nail on the head about affordability. I like different destinations and less luxury and I normally find it. Travelling with on board luggage only you will not go to formal dinners and captain's greetings but those things have never interested me. Went on a cruise all the way up the Amazon and then over to Africa, ending in Cape Town. We only had cabin luggage as we had to fly to Barbados and home again to Sydney - hate having to stand at a carousel hoping the bags will come out. If you want luxury go for it, otherwise join me and see as much of the world as possible for the same money as one luxury all-in cruise.
    24th Feb 2018
    Spot on Cowboy Jim. So much to see in the world and u don't need fancy suits and ties. Just your good health and your camera. Less is more!

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