Virtual cruise ship tour

You can now take a virtual tour of this cruise ship, as it becomes the first vessel to offer Google’s Street View, so you can explore its decks online.

Royal Caribbean International has announced the launch of Google Street View for the world’s largest and innovative cruise ship Allure of the Seas. By using Street View technology, Royal Caribbean International will provide consumers with an immersive and interactive experience when they are searching for a cruise.

“Business View allows people all over the world to explore a range of businesses and organisations in great detail in just a few clicks” said Deborah Schenker, Program Manager at Google UK, “You can check out anything from restaurants to aircraft in Google Maps, and now for the first time you can sail the seas too with the first ever cruise ship coming on board.”

With just a few clicks, guests will be able to virtually walk through the various decks of Allure of the Seas including the Royal Promenade, a boulevard that runs nearly the length of the ship, flanked by restaurants, boutiques and lounges; Central Park, an outdoor park longer than a football field complete with over 12,000 live plants and trees; the Boardwalk, featuring a hand-crafted carousel, two rock-climbing walls, the AquaTheater, a high-dive aquatic performance venue with the deepest pool at sea and much more.

Over 20,000 images were taken over the course of 60 man hours and eight days to complete the virtual representation of the ship which can accommodate more than 6,000 guests per sailing. The images were taken using a basic DSLR camera using a fisheye lens and a panoramic head resting on a tripod. This method takes twelve photographs at each point and uses high-dynamic-range imaging to ensure the best exposure for areas of different light.

Guests will be able to access the technology from the Royal Caribbean website or via Google Search results, Google Maps and Google+ whether using a computer, smartphone or tablet.



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