Video: Secrets that cruise crews don't want you to know

A quick video that exposes some of the things cruise crews don’t want you to know.

Watch: Cruise ship secrets

Cruise ships are huge and, between bow and stern, hide a fair share of secrets.

What happens if someone dies onboard? How do you make friends with the crew? Does the crew have a secret language? Why are most doors on a ship unlocked? How can you get a poolside deck chair every time?

To answer these questions, we’ve found a quick video that exposes some of the things cruise crews don’t want you to know.



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    3rd Feb 2018
    They also don't want you to know that ocean going cruise ships kill whales as they drive over them when racing from one port to the next during the night. I would NEVER go on a cruise!
    3rd Feb 2018
    Jennie, I cant recall hearing a cruise ship running over a whale, a floating container or any other rubbish.

    Get on board and enjoy the experience.
    3rd Feb 2018
    Look it up. Whales are killed. One incident was a cruise ship arriving in port with a whale impaled on the bow, see
    And many other references.
    3rd Feb 2018
    Hard to believe that a whale would not be aware that a surface vessel of any kind was within kilometres of them and would be easy for them to avoid. I was on a cruise in Alaska when the ship was slowed down to almost nothing because a pod of dolphins was sighted nearby, wonderful photo opportunity for the passengers but it made us late into our next port of call. One thing of which you should be wary is extremist sites on the Internet, photoshopping pictures to depict whatever you want others to believe is too easy.
    How do you feel about cars/trucks/buses/train which regularly kill our native wildlife, or is it only whales for which you are concerned.
    3rd Feb 2018
    Of course I am concerned about the deaths of any animals on the road. This article is about cruises, not bus trips.
    Whales are resting at night when they are run over by all kinds of shipping. Fin whales rest on the surface at night like logs.
    Shipping (not just cruise ships) in the Gulf of St Lawrence has been shifted in order to avoid killing North Atlantic Right Whales in the past.
    This is not about extremist groups as I am quite aware of the lies they tell about environmental issues in order to gain donations.
    My partner is a geophysicist and world expert on cetacean species and seismic exploration. Hence my comments are based on research. I just gave a reference re the impaled whale from the internet as it is a true story and sadly one of many that you won't read about online.
    During the day ships will slow down (if sensitive to marine life) especially if the aim of the cruise is to entertain passengers with whale/dolphin watching.
    More than 80 whales are hit and killed every year off the West coast of the USA. This includes Blue Whales.
    3rd Feb 2018
    I take regular cruises, we always hear how lowly paid the workers are especially the ones who make the beds, paint the decks, etc., usually from USA travellers who also say we would never treat people like this back home. Well yes you do so its about time you used your vote to make change. The USA has one of the lowest or no minimum wage. Tis is not FAKE NEWS.

    As an Australian we don't like to be slugged with tipping for service, include it in the price.
    4th Feb 2018
    Aussie ships include it in the price and their workers are on higher pay than those on overseas vessels. Try P&O and Princess cruises!
    3rd Feb 2018
    In 2007 we did the inside passage cruise with NCL to Alaska from Vancouver. The bill was left in our room and to our surprise they included US $10 per person per day tip for the crew. We were also left a bill the day before for a bottle of water US $1.80 which we had not used. When the deck steward was confronted he said he took it for another passenger who needed one quickly. The purser was informed of both events and told that if I wanted to tip any staff I would decide IF I gave anything I would decide, not the cruise line !! The tips were scrubbed from my bill. Scrutinise all you bills on board before you pay anything. I would NEVER travel with Norwegian Cruise Lines again.

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