Video: Sneak peek inside the crew quarters on a cruise ship

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the ‘crew only’ sign?

What’s behind the ‘crew only’ sign?

If you’ve ever been on a cruise ship, you’ll probably know that there aren’t too many locked doors or areas you can’t visit – except, of course, behind those ‘crew only’ signs.

I’ve been lucky to see behind these roped off regions onboard big boats, but have never thought to take a video of my own to show you all.

So, I scoured the internet and found one that goes down below the passenger decks and inside the crew’s lair.

Have you ever spent time in the crew’s quarters? Was it as you imagined?



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    10th Feb 2018
    What a crock! 20% of the time watching a talking head then seeing a video that reminded me of a second rate country pub.
    A waste of time. Why post this rubbish?
    10th Feb 2018
    Cruise Ship Diaries on Foxtel was much more informative and enjoyable. The presenter in this video annoyed me with her constant hand gesticulations and her kindergarten teacher style presentation.
    10th Feb 2018
    I'm glad I turned it off after 30 seconds. That was all I could stand of that whiney voice.

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