When to cruise where?

There’s virtually no part of the world today where a cruise ship doesn’t roam, but some regions operate on a seasonal basis. Here’s a quick guide to key regions, and when to cruise there.


The season runs from late April to mid-September, with the warmest months July and August having the most mosquitoes and being the most crowded. If you enjoy autumn colours opt for September, and if you’re on a budget, the best deals tend to be at the beginning and end of the season.


The season here is just four months long, with most cruises operating between late November and the end of February, or early March. Early in the season, you’ll see birds mating, while in December and January, you’ll see baby chicks and have more daylight hours. Late in the season there are more whales.


You can cruise here all year, but the best time is between September and April. In the Northern Hemisphere the summer months in countries like Thailand and Vietnam are extremely hot with more rainfall, and it’s typhoon season between May and November – best avoided.

Canada and New England

This short season happens when leaves change colour, a six-to-eight week period between mid-September and the end of October. The quality of the colours depends on weather and conditions, and as most cruises cover a large amount of territory, the best time is usually the last week of September or the first week of October.

The Mediterranean

This is another year-round region for some cruise lines, with July and August the hottest and busiest months, and ships and ports of call crowded. If you opt for early spring or late autumn, things tend to be quieter and the days can still be warm, but there are fewer daylight hours.


Its two coastlines, the Pacific and the Gulf, have warm-to-hot weather all year with two seasons; a rainy season from May to mid-October, and a dry season from mid-October to April. The hurricane season is from June to November; cruises may be cheaper, but there’s also a higher risk of bad weather.

Scandinavia and The Baltics

The season extends from June to October, although the early months tend to be the busiest. During July and August the weather is at its warmest, while later on it may be a bit more unpredictable, and daylight hours shorter.

South America

Most cruises venture here between October and March, and although you can cruise the Amazon year-round, most head there between January and March. For southern South America, however, the best time is the summer, with October and March enjoying fewer crowds.

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Written by joannaha