Will cruising drive me crazy?

Long cruises seem to be the best value for money, but is there enough to do?

Will cruising drive me crazy?

Long cruises seem to be the best value for money, but YOURLifeChoices member Helen has asked our Savvy Traveller if there’s enough to do while onboard.

Q. Helen
Long cruises seem to be more value for money, especially when you factor in the cost of airfares. Would I go stir-crazy being on a ship for 28 days or so, or will there be plenty for me to do?

A. Stir-crazy is a state of mind, Helen. Some people quite happily cocoon themselves on a ship – or even in their cabin – with a good book or a few cocktails and are quite content. Others would rather be up and doing things.

If you’re one of the latter, choose a cruise with relatively short distances between ports of call (such as in the Mediterranean). This limits days spent entirely at sea, common on cruises that, for example, cross the Pacific.

Secondly, choose your cruise ship wisely. The bigger the ship, the more onboard amenities and activities are available. The largest, carrying up to 3000 passengers, offer everything from rock-climbing walls to ice rinks, spas and casinos. Even mid-size and smaller ships these days might offer cooking or language workshops, dance lessons and great evening entertainment.

Visit www.cruiseaway.com.au for a useful overview of cruise lines that might help your choice. Bon voyage!


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    3rd Mar 2014
    Helen, cruising is the best holiday. You won't get bored there's too much to do. There are shows daily, exhibitions, special events, Gyms, shops, casino, classes, card games, library, cinema and above all non stop five star food. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, high tea, dinner. Ask to be seated at large table and you'll meet lots of new people. Plus in port there are many trips to do
    Nan Norma
    3rd Mar 2014
    Helen. If you do everything on board the ship has to offer, you'll come back exhousted. You can have the hpoliday of a lifetime.
    3rd Mar 2014
    Unpack once, no cooking, bed-making, cleaning or other chores. A floating holiday resort going places.
    The other comments are 100% correct.
    3rd Mar 2014
    WOW!! Helen, if you get bored, that is YOUR fault. I have found that there are so many things to do on a cruise, I have never been bored , if you are a night owl., there are night clubs, if you like to be active in the day, well, take a ballroom dancing class, learn to boot scoot, or enjoy a new release movie, go to a lecture that are often given before going to a port. there are so many things to do, that is just on the sea days. Port days offer so much variety and staying on board when in port is a very enjoyable day also. Enjoy cruising and having no washing up, no cleaning. BUT someone has to do it.
    3rd Mar 2014
    Cruising is now my prefered holiday, on my own I am never short of something to do, by the second day you start to wind down, and really enjoy the experience. However my choice of ship is "adults only" after some "experiences" with little people. My favourite being P and O UK's Arcadia, not too big, over the top or brash.
    The one spoiler for me is the Airlines charge you double for one way back to Aus. than you would pay return. Besides having to pay the single supplement "rip-off" this really means I cannot cruise as much as I would like. So just have to be happy I can do it once every couple of years. Already booked for 2015. Cannot wait!!!
    5th Mar 2014
    Dizzy I was talking to a travel consultant who tells me they book their passengers return on the flight - but never tell them - so the return trip is not taken - maybe that's why airlines overbook - so many people do this
    4th Mar 2014
    Just came back from cruise on Pacific Princess 35 days - no children 640 passengers - didn't have time to do all activities that I wanted (thank heavens no climbing wall or ice rink to be seen) All adult passengers mostly retirees, I wanted to make more use of the on board library - what I did realise though that if you are on your own I would take some sort of craft (knitting, long sitch etc.) as there is always a group of craft people gathering in a specific location and its a great way to meet other single ladies to do all the other activities i.e. Bingo, Trivia, jewellery making classes, quilling classes, so many craft classes, as well as crazy golf putting, crazy carpet bowling, port destination lectures etc. We had a great time and as a single the tours in different countries are made safe for everyone - (we had police escorts in Ecuador) will be going back soon.
    4th Mar 2014
    Helen, cruises are great for people who lack the ability to organize themselves and who relish contrived jocularity.
    5th Mar 2014
    I discovered cruising this year - WHY did I wait SO long, now I'm hooked. I have finally discovered something I can do alone or with a friend & my disability isn't a problem. Best part, breakfast in bed for the 1st time in 25 years that wasn't in a hospital bed, cocktails before a 3 course dinner that I didn't have to cook myself, then on to a show or just a bar & music, then the land trips. Boy I'd run out of room on here before you run out of things to do. So hooked I had enough money left to put a deposit on my next cruise. Allow approx $100 a day, take a couple of Blackmoores Travel Calm 2 hrs before boarding, pop the rest in your bag, pack some Mint & Ginger tea & on-board they have plenty of green apples, if it's seasickness that is worrying you.
    5th Mar 2014
    Greg B,
    Have you just sucked a lemon???
    Hopefully will not see you on my next cruise.
    Uncalled for.
    6th Mar 2014
    Helen , or anyone else considering cruise holiday , most of the previous comments I agree with , but it's your time , your money spent , enjoy it all , see & hear it all , laugh at the strange passengers you will come across, wonder at the history and beautiful places you've read about, There's plenty of space on ships to not have to see the same people if they bother you , DO IT , these places won't come to you , !
    6th Mar 2014
    Cruising is not for everyone, hence Helen's question is valid...myself, did a 4 day Mediterranean cruise August 2013, that was enough cruising for me. I personally don't want to participate in structured activities, don't want to over eat at the buffets (got to admit this is a challenge) and generally would rather get to the interesting 'place' in a timely manner so as to hit the pavement and see the sights and the locals.
    Basically, each person is different and what one peron enjoys is not universally enjoyable for all.

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