Will cruising drive me crazy?

Long cruises seem to be the best value for money, but YOURLifeChoices member Helen has asked our Savvy Traveller if there’s enough to do while onboard.

Q. Helen
Long cruises seem to be more value for money, especially when you factor in the cost of airfares. Would I go stir-crazy being on a ship for 28 days or so, or will there be plenty for me to do?

A. Stir-crazy is a state of mind, Helen. Some people quite happily cocoon themselves on a ship – or even in their cabin – with a good book or a few cocktails and are quite content. Others would rather be up and doing things.

If you’re one of the latter, choose a cruise with relatively short distances between ports of call (such as in the Mediterranean). This limits days spent entirely at sea, common on cruises that, for example, cross the Pacific.

Secondly, choose your cruise ship wisely. The bigger the ship, the more onboard amenities and activities are available. The largest, carrying up to 3000 passengers, offer everything from rock-climbing walls to ice rinks, spas and casinos. Even mid-size and smaller ships these days might offer cooking or language workshops, dance lessons and great evening entertainment.

Visit www.cruiseaway.com.au for a useful overview of cruise lines that might help your choice. Bon voyage!