What’s it like onboard a nude cruise?

Here’s a sneak peek at what it would be like onboard Desire’s now infamous nude cruise.

What’s it like onboard a nude cruise?

We know that many of our members love cruising. It’s a great way to see more of the world, but how would you feel about taking a nude cruise and seeing more of your fellow passengers as well?

And before you ask, no, it’s not just a full-blown, get-your-gear-off oceanic orgy; it’s more of a ‘clothing optional’, couples-only cruise.

The now infamous risqué cruise line, Desire, last year announced its first ever clothing optional cruise, departing Venice in September 2017. The Desire Venice cruise will sail for seven nights along the Adriatic, taking in Croatia and Slovenia before returning to Venice.

Desire has also announced a second cruise from Barcelona to Rome in April 2018. This sails via France, Monte Carlo, Portofino, Florence and finishes in Rome after a week.

desire nude cruise ship

The cruise promotes itself as a safe place for you to take your relationship to the next level. Desire offers intimate couples’ workshops, led by award-winning sex and relationship expert Dr Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, and Holli and Michael – the hosts of Playboy Radio’s award-nominated SWING with Holli & Michael. There are also provocative theme nights and, yes, I may have misled you earlier, as Desire do provide Signature Playrooms for like-minded couples to ‘mix and mingle’ and live out their forbidden passions at sea.

With salacious entertainment, high-end cabaret shows, private Jacuzzi lounges and clothing-optional pools, the Desire cruise certainly would be an erotic adventure.

There are also haute cuisine restaurants, a casino, a fitness centre and health spa, so those who want to keep their clothes on most of the time will still have plenty to keep them occupied (yes, you must wear clothes in the restaurant).  

Photography is prohibited and any erotic behaviour outside designated areas is strictly a no-no.

If you’re inclined to let go of your inhibitions, then this is the cruise for you. The only thing you’ll have to think about is where you keep your cruise card.

Read more at Desire Experience

Would a nude cruise be on your bucket list? Did you know such a thing existed? What would it take to get you onboard with your gear off?



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    17th Feb 2017
    Most definitely
    Visit nudist beaches often and have people over all the time for nude parties
    So bring it on
    18th Feb 2017
    Come on Leon.....the vast majority of the clientelle would be old guys and ducks with bits hanging off. The picture in the advertising is only bait as unlikely the gorgeous young folk would go on these anyway.
    Funny mate!
    18th Feb 2017
    Think I'll pass - Looks ain't what they "used to be"???

    Then again, probably would not matter as I think Mick's assessment is correct!

    BUT . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    18th Feb 2017
    Already booked (Feb 2018) on a cruise of the Carribean with Bare Neccesities - they run a strictly NO SWNGER policy & phone from the States to make sure you understand this rule.
    That suits us; we are members of Kiata (look it up) & there are 20 of us going.
    We expect a representative cross section of society (less swingers & children) but that does not really matter as much as the opportunity to socialize freely with total acceptance of self & others.
    Looking forward to it - bring it on.
    18th Feb 2017
    Ah well, to each their own...If that's the kind of thing you're looking for, why not? As for the rest of us, cruising is mainly for relaxing and sightseeing (as in land-kind). I too agree with Mick. It will be mainly for old farts with money to burn. Let's face it. Once we reach a certain age, bodies are not much to look at anymore... from any angle. Revolting if anything! So keep them covered I say, and enjoy the 'real' scenery instead.
    18th Feb 2017
    Nude Cruise for Seniors. ...I think that would take seasickness to a whole new level.

    19th Feb 2017
    Who would want to look at naked bodies of people over 70's...gawd enough to frighten the horses!!
    19th Feb 2017
    Just had a look on the internet at some of the naked bodies that was enough for me.

    For one thing I would not be able to contain my laughter and I would be thrown off the ship.
    19th Feb 2017
    Geeze. It's bad enough when the 'Old Farts', (I am one), wear budvie smugers & bikini's. Not a pretty sight. I think a lot of these people do not have mirrors!

    19th Feb 2017
    19th Feb 2017
    Yep! Great song that one OldMan. Have seen the clip before. Very funny and really addresses the issue! Haha!
    19th Feb 2017
    hey Radish, I think you're making a fuss over a little thing. Tex
    Chris B T
    20th Feb 2017
    Nude, will that include crew. Strange some clothed some not.
    At least you can have full moons day and night.
    At the moment we have gastro cruise's from clothed passengers.
    Best to be avoided from a health point of view.
    20th Feb 2017
    I couldn't imagine anything worse, than being confronted with stranger's bits and pieces, and I bet there will a high rate of STD's and Aids after this little jaunt, never mind couples splitting up!
    6th Apr 2017
    Problem is that when the boats stops rocking, bits of the human anatomy don't stop swinging. (Paraphrasing Sir Robert Helpmann's comment on the musical 'Oh Calcutta' which featured nude dancing.)
    24th Apr 2017
    You can always go to a nude beach and/or to nudist clubs. You'll find quite a cross section of people (e.g. ages, occupations) in nudist clubs and also find they are friendly, welcoming people and usually not judgemental about appearances. Nudity is a bit of an equaliser. If you consider that looking at older bodies is disgusting or some such then you shouldn't go to any of these places as you would be rather judgemental.
    23rd Aug 2017
    just a 'cover' for voyeurs! more respect for myself than to be an exhibitionist for others to have a free perve

    20th Jul 2017
    Not my cup of tea, methinks... the cruise area sounds good...
    14th Aug 2017
    Bad enough looking at myself in the mirror.
    25th Mar 2018
    Awesome sights, the mind boggles . Oh and where would I put my smokes. ?????????

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