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With summer finally seeming to come to the party, so too starts the season of annoying insects. While all creatures have their purpose and place in the food chain, nothing quite ruins the great outdoors like having your blood sucked by mosquitos, or the constant buzzing of blowflies in your face, or worse, food!

Inspect repellent is an essential element of a successful summer, and this one in particular has grabbed our attention for all the right reasons. Helen Love, an inspiring Aussie from Port Stephen’s, had growing concerns about insect-borne diseases and Australia’s ongoing battle with creepy crawlies. Drawing on her wealth of knowledge from working for over 35 years in the health and beauty industry, she has created Australia’s first insect repellent, which contains only organic and natural ingredients.

ya mate insect repellent

With the aim of ending the Aussie salute, and aware that the body can absorb nine times the amount of chemicals through the skin compared to what we eat, Helen has successfully redesigned the primarily chemical-based products we use when it comes to repelling insects.

With a range encompassing eight products including sprays and lotions, burners and oils, all products are free of toxic pesticides, parabens and artificial colours and fragrances. Appropriately named, YaMate, the products have been tried and tested by locals in Shoal Bay, aka the sandfly capital of Australia, Mission Australia in Uganda, and Buzz Off Anti-Malarial Group.

And if you still aren’t convinced, Peter Mack, CEO of Humanitarian projects International who uses YaMate exclusively for his work in the remote jungles of Uganda, Indonesia and Africa said “I recommend YaMate to anyone travelling anywhere. It is definitely the best repellent I have used particularly for mosquitoes.”

Stocked at over 600 retailers, you had our attention already, at Australian natural repellent that actually works! Reschedule all outdoor activities – it seems summer is going to be all fun and games after all.

With products in the range starting at $10, find out more about stockists and the collection at Love Oil Co. Helen Love, we salute you.

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