Welcome to the YourLifeChoices Destinations page. This page will provide you with extensive information and links to a variety of travel options – particularly for seniors – in a range of countries. Discover beautiful Thailand with a variety of tour options and information available, or how about a train trip in Canada, truly a once in a life time experience.

Boasting stunning scenery from lush fields and dramatic coastlines to vibrant villages and cosmopolitan cities, Ireland is a great travel option for seniors. You can check out our Frequently Asked Questions regarding International Travel. Also check out our Seniors Travel Insurance page to get the best deal! And the seniors discounts featured throughout this section.

Top spots to propose

Is it time you popped the question - or perhaps re-popped it if your life long partner is still

Romantic literature and poetry

For such a tiny island, Ireland has more than its fair share of Nobel Prize winning writers -

Myths and legends

As well as great romantics, the Irish deserve their reputation as the greatest storytellers, with

Subscribers’ favourite beaches

YOURLifeChoices subscribers have shared their favourite beaches with us and we thought you may

Wine tours

Wine tours are a popular way to pass the time while travelling around Australia but with so

Irish update

Ireland is a nation of six million people, two in the north and four in the south. I’m privileged

Budget Bangkok

Visiting Bangkok does not have to mean spending a lot of money. Many sights and experiences are

Elephant trekking

Ever wanted to become a 'mahout' for a day? At the National Elephant Institute in Lampang you,

Snorkelling sites

While Thailand's bevy of amazing beaches, historical landmarks and lush, green jungles should not

Meditation retreats

Sometimes we travel, not to find another culture, but to find ourselves. If your idea of a

Best value Bangkok hotels

If one thing is for sure, if there is value to be had anywhere in Thailand, then Bangkok is

Editor’s choice – Siam City Hotel

We stayed at the Siam City Hotel and loved its very personal 'clubby' atmosphere, traditional décor


household capital


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