Welcome to the YourLifeChoices Destinations page. This page will provide you with extensive information and links to a variety of travel options – particularly for seniors – in a range of countries. Discover beautiful Thailand with a variety of tour options and information available, or how about a train trip in Canada, truly a once in a life time experience.

Boasting stunning scenery from lush fields and dramatic coastlines to vibrant villages and cosmopolitan cities, Ireland is a great travel option for seniors. You can check out our Frequently Asked Questions regarding International Travel. Also check out our Seniors Travel Insurance page to get the best deal! And the seniors discounts featured throughout this section.

Ireland, the green of dreams

Ireland has won multiple Golf Destination of the Year awards.

Top 28 new and exciting items to add to your ultimate Aussie bucket li

Top 28 new ways to experience Australia - how many are new to you?

Incredible wine regions you probably haven't heard of yet

Hopefully some of these will soon be turning into staple household names.

Saipan dreaming of becoming the next Bali

With herd immunity almost achieved, is Saipan set to steal Bali's thunder?

First anniversary of Museum of Underwater Art

Museum of Underwater Art's Coral Greenhouse transformed by new coral growth.

Travel deal: Experience Antarctica in a day

Have a once in a lifetime experience on the world's most unique scenic flight.

Spectacular beauty spots in the UK and Ireland

Here are some bewitching beauty spots, from magnificent mountains to wild woodland.

Incredible Australian islands for when you want to get off the mainland

When it comes to booking a holiday, little comes close to an island getaway.

Four of the best places for an ultimate fantasy travel adventure

Escape the doldrums of reality by planning a fairytale holiday.

Best kayak experiences in South Australia

One of the best ways to explore South Australia is at water level.

101 ways to holiday in Australia: Be inspired by these 11 natural wonders

The ultimate Aussie bucket list countdown continues …

Zanzibar is a dream destination

This gorgeous archipelago is far more than a post-safari relaxation stop.

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