Art taken too far?

Banksy’s latest exhibition in England is anything but your average amusement park.

Art taken too far?

You may have heard of controversial street artist Bansky before, but have you caught up on his latest venture in England? A twist on your average amusement park, Dismaland is anything but what dreams are made of.

Located in Weston-super-Mare, Banksy picked the site after peering through a hole in the fence in January. Previously a seafront lido popular with holidaymakers, Tropicana had been derelict since it closed 15 years ago.

Only open for five weeks, the bemusement park aims to offer an alternative to the sugar-coated tedium of the average family day out and features work by more than 50 local and international artists, as well as Bristol-born Banksy himself of course.

Featuring his trademark juxtapositions, highlights include a killer whale jumping out of a toilet, a distorted mermaid, a dilapidated fairy castle and a boat pond with model boats filled with migrants.

Describing the show as a “family theme park unsuitable for children” Banksy states the main agenda of the attraction as “theme parks should have bigger themes.”

Take a look at the trailer for Dismaland and tell us what you think of Banksy’s latest work?


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    29th Aug 2015
    Of course it isn't art taken too far. Anyone who knows the artist Banksy would know many of his works contain tongue in cheek political statements. Dismaland is his take on consumerism and a throwaway society and perhaps as adults how we lose our fascination for things like Disneyland as we still remember what it's like to be a child. When you enter the exhibit you are passed through by rude, "amusement" park staff who treat you like you are annoying them by being there (I've had the same experience in Dreamworld!)

    Think about where it's located...A defunct seaside holiday resort where probably hundreds of families had happy snaps from that has sat old, unused and derelict for 15 years. The concept is brilliant and it was not mentioned other internationals artists participating include Jenny Holzer, Josh Keyes, Damien Hirst, Caitlin Cherry among others also have installation pieces.

    Bottom line is if don't like that kind of thing...don't go to see it. I wish I could go, I would love it! I would especially like to see the Cindrella Car crash on the way to the ball and just generally enjoy the exhibition. I hope it comes here...they can put it where Australia's Wonderland used to be. At the moment the hardest thing to get it tickets to go!
    29th Aug 2015
    Excellent comment and I too would like to see it!

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