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What are your Top Five in Hong Kong?

What are your Top Five in Hong Kong?

What are your Top Five in Hong Kong?

YourLifeChoices members share their top five Hong Kong activities.

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Planning the ultimate adventure

Planning your ultimate Hong Kong adventure

Planning the ultimate adventure

If you’re looking for the ultimate destination, we’ve found it – Hong Kong.

A different side of Hong Kong

Travel Vision: A dramatically different side of Hong Kong

A different side of Hong Kong

National Geographic photographer discovers Hong Kong’s wild side.

Welcome to the neighbourhoods

Welcome to the neighbourhoods

Welcome to the neighbourhoods

Craig Tansley uncovers the city’s best-kept secret, Sham Shui Po.

From street food to fine dining

herb stall shopfront hong kong

From street food to fine dining

Hong Kong’s diverse and mouth-watering cuisine is irresistible.

Featured Travel Experiences

China...I lived there for over eight years

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to travel. However this ...


A symphony of lights

Hong Kong takes Christmas lights and holiday festivities to the next level.

The real city of lights

Six tips to survive Shanghai

Here are six tips to help you survive in Shanghai, a city with 24 million inhabitants.

Be in the know

Blitzing a Hong Kong stopover

Hong Kong is a hive of activity and well-worth experiencing, even if only for 24 hours.

Hong Kong in a day


Thailand’s most underrated town

Phuket and Bangkok are being overlooked for this underrated, yet exciting town.

Gateway to the islands

Chilling out in Khao Lak

For the price of peanuts, Max and Jenny recently lived the dream in a luxury Thai resort.

Budget Thai travel

Bang for your buck in Bangkok

Max and Jenny Williams do a ‘quickie’ tour of Bangkok.

Thais that bind


Take a trip off the beaten track

For travellers looking for an off-the-beaten-track experience, Malaysia is the perfect destination.

Take a trip

Malaysia plates up the perfect gourmet getaway

With its mixture of bustling hawker markets, high-end dining and local specialities, Malaysia is the perfect destination for Aussies looking for a gourmet getaway. For travellers who want to take their love of fantastic fare abroad, Adventure World has recently launched the new Flavours of Malaysia package. This ...

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Cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur

With luxe hotels, high-end and boutique shopping, and sumptuous dining options.

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