Senior travellers just love a Asian holiday. Be seduced by the beaches of Thailand, gorge yourself on the food of Malysia or explore the ancient cities of China for a truly memorable trip. YOURLifeChoices has the best deals, information and tips for the senior traveller looking to make the most of their time in Asia.

Speeding through the Tokyo night

Travel Vision: Speeding through the Tokyo night

Speeding through the Tokyo night

Bright nights, lonely crowds – a Tokyo train speeds through urban contradictions.

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Is Vietnam home to a miracle?

Vietnam has reported no coronavirus deaths – how?

Is Vietnam home to a miracle?

Vietnam’s three-pronged government strategy has kept patients away from death’s door.

Ishikawa is blossoming

Ishikawa is blossoming

Ishikawa is blossoming

Ishikawa's cherry blossoms have returned as sakura season takes hold.

What’s the hook with $1 hotel stays?

Travel Vision: What’s the catch with $1 Japanese hotel stays?

What’s the hook with $1 hotel stays?

What’s the deal with Asahi Ryokan’s ‘One Dollar Hotel’ page?

New low-cost Bali airport

New low-cost airport could save travellers thousands – or not

New low-cost Bali airport

Bali’s new international airport touted as the low-cost carrier’s hub.

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China...I lived there for over eight years

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to travel. However this ...


Surprising Chinese travellers’ wish lists

The unexpected destination Chinese travellers are dreaming about.

Domestic dreaming

Hong Kong reinventing tourism

Asian destination looks to elevate service standards in post-pandemic world.

Looking forward

China’s favourite Aussie brand

Ever wondered which brands are most respected by our Chinese visitors?

Who tops the list?


International destinations reopening

As lockdowns ease, some destinations are eager to welcome Aussie travellers.

Lockdown lifting

Marooned in a Thai paradise

Peter Barry reports on what lockdown life is like in Patong right now.

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World’s most visited cities

If you’re looking for a quiet holiday, best steer clear of these cities.

Busy cities


Judi Dench is bowled over by Borneo

Judy Dench shares how much she loved Borneo and why it should be on your travel list

Best of Borneo

Take a trip off the beaten track

For travellers looking for an off-the-beaten-track experience, Malaysia is the perfect destination.

Take a trip

Malaysia plates up the perfect gourmet getaway

With its mixture of bustling hawker markets, high-end dining and local specialities, Malaysia is the perfect destination for Aussies looking for a gourmet getaway. For travellers who want to take their love of fantastic fare abroad, Adventure World has recently launched the new Flavours of Malaysia package. This ...

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