Best value Bangkok hotels

If one thing is for sure, if there is value to be had anywhere in Thailand, then Bangkok is

Editor’s choice – Siam City Hotel

We stayed at the Siam City Hotel and loved its very personal 'clubby' atmosphere, traditional décor

Top ten phrases

Sometimes you can get by with a smile, but nothing smoothes our progress in a foreign land more

Understanding Thai cuisine

There is really no such thing as Thai food. Instead, visitors to Thailand can expect to experience

Thai Green Beef Curry (Gang Keo Wan )

Ingredients (serves four) Small knob of fresh ginger Half cup of chopped spring onions Tbsp of

Jim Thompson Museum

Jim Thompson was an American architect who worked in Thailand for the forerunner of the CIA

Grand Palace

There are many sites we could describe as ‘must-see’ in Bangkok, but the Grand Palace

River Café and Terrace

After visiting the Grand Palace, catch a long boat back along the Chao Phraya River and alight

Royal Beach Retreat

Just a 3-hour bus ride from Bangkok is the royal beach resort of Hua Hin First settled in 1927

Kanchanaburi Province

This province lies 130 kilometres west of Bangkok and is home to the infamous Hellfire Pass on

Discovering Chinese Gardens

For those who enjoy visiting gardens when they travel, a Chinese Garden Tour with Botanica World

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