12-day Vietnam and Cambodia Delight tour from $1999

See the most amazing sights in south-east Asia without spending a fortune.

Hong Kong boasts the best of both worlds

East meets West, city meets country: Hong Kong offers the best of all worlds.

The underrated Thai city coming up on everyone's radar

Phuket and Bangkok are being overlooked for this underrated, yet exciting town.

What makes Hong Kong such a hot destination?

Why Hong Kong is one of the hottest destinations on the planet.

Hong Kong: seven days in seven ways

If you only have seven days to spend in Hong Kong, here's how to do it.

Vietnam is bringing religion to the people

Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim - it doesn't matter. Vietnam brings religion to the people.

A Vietnam virgin says hello from Hanoi

Leon is visiting Vietnam for the first time and invites you to share his adventures.

Leon river cruises, rides and rows through the Mekong Delta

Leon realises a long-held dream and cruises through Mekong on a traditional river boat.

Insider travel tips: How to haggle like a pro

How to shake off pesky salespeople and maybe get a bargain in the process.

Discover the mystery of the Mekong Delta

Discover the mystery of the Mekong Delta onboard the luxurious RV Mekong Navigator.

YourLifeChoices’ guide to the Japan Rail Pass

Travelling around Japan by train is unforgettable and, more importantly, affordable.

Lose yourself in Lombok before everyone else finds it

People love to say Lombok is "Bali 30 years ago" - unspoilt, quiet and less developed.

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