Charming China

A journey through China is more than a mere holiday. It’s an experience – a treasured journey of a lifetime.


And who would know better than the expert traveller herself, Helen Wong, who almost 25-years ago established a travel company which would expand with the growth in popularity of a country previously filled with mystery and intrigue.
“China is as amazingly diverse as it is breathtakingly beautiful,” she said speaking of the comprehensive list of itineraries of group tours and smaller independent guided tours (China Encounters) in Helen Wong’s Tours’ program for 2011-2012.
“Our passion for China speaks volumes for the vast country’s interesting mix of cultures, traditions, cuisine and contrasting landscapes.”
Combine a journey to the historically-rich capital Beijing with an eye-catching visit of the new Shanghai, the “Paris of the East”, and you capture the very essence of a China most first-time visitors experience.
The rise in popularity of the awe-inspiring Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang has put the city of Xian on the tourist map. And if you head to Guilin, you are sure to be mesmerised by the natural beauty of a countryside dotted with mist-shrouded craggy limestone peaks, quaint villages and numerous caves.
South of Shanghai (featured in Helen Wong’s Tours’ China Splendour tour) are the centres of Hangzhou, renowned for its “heavenly beauty” and its West Lake, Suzhou, famous for its gardens and waterways (Venice of the East) and Wuzhen, a 1000-year-old town embraced by the Grand Canal.
Sichuan Province’s capital, Chengdu, in south-western China, about 2050 km from Beijing, is another magnet for its panda breeding program amongst a host of highlights. While The spectacular alpine valley of Jiuzhaigou, 450 km south of Chengdu in Sichuan Province, has more than 110 crystalline lakes, as clear and bright as gemstones. UNESCO World Heritage-listed, the dense forests are home to the Giant Panda, the Golden Monkey, the Lesser Panda, the White-lipped Deer and other rare animals

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