A few local phrases

Final say
It is always helpful to know a few local phrases when travelling and even more importantly, you need to ‘say it right’ or the meaning may be totally lost or misunderstood.
We have noted a selection of the most common words/phrases you may need so you can start practising before you leave
China (Mandarin).


Hello – Ni hao (Nee how)
Good morning – Tzao (Jow)
Good evening – Wanshang hao (Wahn-shang how)
Goodbye – Tsaijien (Zye jee-an)
Please – Qing (Ching … use only at start of sentence)
Thank you – Hsehhsieh (Shair shair)
Sorry/excuse me – Dui bu qi (Dway boo chee)
How are you? – Ni hao ma? (Nee how ma)
I am well, thank you – Hen hao, hsehhsieh ni (Hen how, shair shair nee)
What’s your name? – Kui hsing? (Gway sing)
My name is – Wo hsing (Wore sing)
Where are you from? – Ni cong nali lai? ( Nee choong nah lee lye)
I am Australian – Wo shi Aodaliya ren (Wore sher Ow-dar-leeya ren)
How much? – Duo shao qian? (Dwore sh-ow chee-arn)
That is too expensive! – Tai gui le! (Tye gway ler)
Cheaper? – Pian yidian? (Pee-arn ee-dee-arn)
No, I don’t want it! – Bu yao! (Boo yow)
Very good – Hen hao (Hen how)
I don’t understand – Wo ting budong (Wore ting bu dung)

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