Dubai stopover

Dubai is becoming a transit hub for those travelling to Europe, with many opting to stopover in this desert destination. What should you consider before booking your trip?

Q. Paul
My wife and I are having a three-night stopover in Dubai en route to Europe in October and we’re wondering what vaccinations we need? Also, can we drink water from the tap and is there anything else of which we should be mindful?

A. Good call, Paul. Breaking the long journey to Europe makes sense and Dubai – one of the most mind-boggling and unusual cities in the world – is well worth a stopover.

You need have no concerns about health issues. Food and hygiene standards are very high, and you can drink the water (which comes from desalination plants), although many people prefer bottled mineral water.

“You can organise a trip to Dubai without worrying about inoculations,” says Lara Nickson of the Dubai Department of Tourism. “You don’t require any specific vaccines, jabs or health checks.” If you call 02 9956 6620 or email [email protected], her department’s Sydney office will send you comprehensive information pack.

Be mindful of common courtesies when visiting an Islamic country, such as dress code, displays of public affection, and where you consume alcohol. Carry a doctor’s prescription if you’re carrying medicines, as some medications are restricted to personal use.

Written by Debbie McTaggart