Lose yourself in Langkawi

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Langkawi is the perfect destination for Aussie couples looking for a romantic getaway, and a dose of well-earned rest and relaxation.

Some of Malaysia’s finest resorts and most stunning beaches come together in Langkawi, and travellers relish the opportunity to lap up the warm waters and gorgeous beaches, like Damai Bay.

There’s plenty to do on the water, like sailing, snorkeling, kayaking or power boating. Island cruises are also great way to relax, and take in the breathtaking scenery of Langkawi. A round trip around Dayang Bunting and Beras Basah Island takes about four hours. For the luxury traveller, you can also charter your own private yacht, where you can indulge in a gorgeous champagne picnic lunch, or a sunset cruise with cocktails.

After a hard day spent by the beach, you you can unwind with a treatment in one of the many luxurious spas available.

Away from the beaches, there also plenty to keep you entertained. For a truly breathtaking view of the Andaman Sea and Langkawi island group, head to the Langkawi Skybridge. Clinging to a 700-metre high mountain ridge, the 125-metre long Skybridge offers an unforgettable view.

For more information on Langkawi go to: www.tourismmalaysia.com.au.

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