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Visiting Bangkok does not have to mean spending a lot of money. Many sights and experiences are entirely free of charge. Two we enjoyed were a visit to the Flower Market and sampling street food in Khaosan Road.

It is hard to visit Bangkok without the feeling that the city is truly ‘alive’. One place that truly contributes to this feeling is the hustle and bustle of Khaosan Road. While many say that New York is the city that never sleeps, while the rest of Bangkok rests their head on their pillow, weary from a day of endeavour, it is Khaosan Road that is truly a 24/7, non-stop area, and is most definitely a sight to behold.


There are plenty of bars, restaurants, stores and even trickles of western influence, with McDonalds and the like managing to gain a foothold. However, one thing that is defiantly a fixture of this landmark of Bangkok is the street vendors that inhabit this eternally active arterial. From tasting food that will inflame (among other things) your tastebuds and your senses, to trying on amazingly crafted tapestry to weighing up whether or not to buy a very questionable Rolex, Khaosan road is an essential and exhilarating part of your Thailand experience.

From the incredible to the sublime, the Flower Market stands alone as one of the most amazing juxtapositions in Bangkok. In a city that is known almost exclusively for its amazing infrastructure, it is a hidden gem. The Flower Market is a veritable explosion of colour and light in a landscape that is otherwise dominated by architecture and concrete. The Flower Market sells fruit, vegetables and of course, flowers and like most things in Bangkok is open 24 hours a day.


However, to truly experience the hectic nature of the city, try arriving at dawn, when the trucks arrive with the fresh produce from the farms and the locals attempt to gather the freshest produce for their stalls. For some reason, the market is not one of the biggest tourist destinations, despite the beauty of the arrangements of flowers and the delicious produce on offer for those who visit. If you do stop by Bangkok, make an effort to visit this unique destination, and pick up a bargain!

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