Elephant trekking

Ever wanted to become a ‘mahout’ for a day? At the National Elephant Institute in Lampang you, too, can learn what it takes to be an elephant minder and trainer.

Originally founded as the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre, and renamed in 2002 the National Elephant Institute offers activities including as bathing, working and log pushing demonstrations and elephant riding tours.

The Institute is home to the world’s first training school for mahouts and shares knowledge for elephant keepers and aspirants, both Thais and foreigners, on the correct way to care for their animals, provide basic health care and train young elephants. Elephant rides are offered from 8am to 3.30pm daily and range from a 10-minute ride around the Institute to a 30-minute to 60-minute ramble in the nearby hills. Armchair travellers can enjoy reading news of conservation measures and even donate to this worthy cause.

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