Jim Thompson Museum

Jim Thompson was an American architect who worked in Thailand for the forerunner of the CIA during the Second World War. After demobilisation he returned to Bangkok and established the Thai Silk Company, raising the profile of Thai silk and exporting to clients in fashion centres of London, Milan and Paris. His love of Thai culture led him to purchasing traditional Thai homes which he consolidated into one complex, now the Jim Thompson Museum.

Take at least 2-3 hours to visit this oasis of serenity located alongside the Klong Maha Nag. Your entry fee entitles you to a guided tour and as much time as you want drinking in the tranquil atmosphere and visiting displays and the café and shop. Jim Thompson disappeared while walking in the Cameron Highlands in Malaya in 1959. Theories abound, including those that suggest his disappearance was connected to his previous espionage activities.

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