Kanchanaburi Province

This province lies 130 kilometres west of Bangkok and is home to the infamous Hellfire Pass on the Death Railway where thousands of Australian and British POWs lost their lives in World War Two – a loss only diminished by the number of Thais who also died during the construction. Kanchanaburi is deceptively calm and eerily beautiful today, making the brutality even harder to understand.

We stayed on the Jungle Rafts on the River Kwai travelling along the river in order to visit the major monuments and historical sites. The Jeath War Museum is a must-see, allowing visitors to better understand the frenzied 16-18 hours shifts the POWs were force to complete as the Japanese sought a land-route across to Burma. The Allied War Cemetery in the centre of town is a sad, but beautiful, final resting place and memorial to the courage of the labourers and POWs who perished here.

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