Top ten phrases

Sometimes you can get by with a smile, but nothing smoothes our progress in a foreign land more than the ability to communicate in the local language. Thanks to our Corey, we have a list of the ten handiest phrases for your next trip to Thailand.

While many Thai natives have a good grasp of English, they appreciate nothing more than westerners who attempt to communicate with them in their native tongue. A friendly ‘sawaddee’ to open up a dialogue with the locals goes a long way, and will add a great amount of authenticity to your trip.

1. Sawaddee – Hello (add ka or krab to assign gender)

2. Khorb Khoon – Thank you

3. …….Yoo tee nai? Where is…..?

4. Chai / Mai Chai – Yes / No

5. Sai / Kwai – Left / Right

6. Ra ka thao rai? – How much is this?

7. Chan sear jai – I’m sorry

8. Chan-mai-khao-jai – I don’t understand

9. Paeng-pai – Too expensive!

10. Kun poot par sar ang grit dai mai? – Do you speak English?

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