Australia is the second best place to live according to the UN

Australia has been ranked the second most liveable country in the world.

It’s been a great year for Australia. With both Melbourne and Sydney taking out positions in the top five most liveable cities in the world, and Sydney voted the world’s friendliest city, the latest results from the UN complete the trifecta.

In its annual Human Development Index (HDI) report, Australia has come in with an almost perfect position of second. Taking into account factors such as life expectancy at birth, mean and expected years of schooling, and standard of living, the UN then ranks every country according to how they score.

With the prime position going to Norway with a score of .945, we were hot on its heels, with Australia awarded a very respectable .935 out of one. Switzerland rounded out the top three at .930.

The top 20 countries for the 2015 Human Development Index are:

1. Norway
2. Australia
3. Switzerland
4. Denmark
5. Netherlands
6. Germany
7. Ireland
8. United States
9. Canada (tied)

New Zealand (tied)

11. Singapore
12. Hong Kong, China
13. Liechtenstein
14. Sweden
15. United Kingdom
16. Iceland
17. South Korea
18. Israel
19. Luxembourg
20. Japan

You can see how every country scored on this International Human Development interactive map.


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    9th Jan 2016
    Yesterday we were living in Poverty ?
    And today we are almost the most liveable Country on Earth ?
    What's going on ?
    And the UN reckons we have enough room here for a Couple of Hundred Thousand More Arabs ? That's gotta be Good !! :-)
    9th Jan 2016
    Yer good for the arabs not us.
    9th Jan 2016
    That chart up there was done by the UN ? :-) :-) :-) Who are they trying to Appease ? They didn't dare put Sweden and the UK anywhere near the top ! But the Country's they are trying to load up with Goody's are at the Top of the list ! That should be good for a few Brownie Points from Guess Who ? Their Human Rights Person will be Very Pleased !! :-) :-)
    Polly Esther
    9th Jan 2016
    We've got a lot of large deserts wasting away Parti, should be good to camouflage a heap of Arabs, that's gotta be even better?? LOL maybe?
    9th Jan 2016
    They wont go there !!! No Freebies, But with any luck the Dung Beetles might Bury them :-) :-)
    Polly Esther
    9th Jan 2016
    that's the best. talk about laugh!! Thankyou!

    9th Jan 2016
    Just a trivial, unimportant, coincidental fact: New Zealand and Canada nearly tie with the same rates of incarceration. Now, isn't THAT interesting?
    9th Jan 2016
    Nothing is a Trivial Fact if its Truthful ! :-)
    9th Jan 2016
    Considering the civil unrest that is brewing in Europe at the moment and after reading about the reported multiple rapes committed by marauding gangs of refugees, I'd give Germany a wide berth, along with seven other European countries on this list. Most of Europe is descending into chaos. I wouldn't want to live there.
    9th Jan 2016
    Have a look at Uproar on Twitter about it ! OMG !! :-(
    10th Jan 2016
    Who is Uproar and what's Twitter????
    Chris B T
    12th Jan 2016
    The Photo is Bondi Beach, where mostly English is second or third language spoken.
    13th Jan 2016
    Why would anyone want to live half their life in the dark in Norway... Granted living conditions are very good but give me Aus in the first place and then why would anyone want to live in Sydney rush rush rush. miles from anything in a suburb you can afford... Give me Adelaide or Perth any day.

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