Australia in 8D

Tourism Australia has released a series of videos designed to keep would-be travellers dreaming of the Great Southern Land. You can now explore these iconic Aussie destinations online in a series of immersive ‘8D’ clips.

“Many people have had to put their travel plans on hold this year but, reassuringly, the demand for Australian holiday experiences hasn’t waned, with many still dreaming about travelling here in the future,” said Phillipa Harrison, managing director of Tourism Australia.

“Although the current border restrictions mean that international travellers can’t visit right now, we need to continue to keep Australia top of mind through bold and engaging initiatives, and remind them of the exceptional experiences that await them when they can travel here again,” she continued. “Australia is such a unique and diverse destination and this collection of new videos captures the unique colours, sights and sounds of some of our most spectacular landscapes – giving people a real sense of being there in the moment.”

So, put your headphones on, click full screen, sit back and be reminded of just how beautiful it is down under.

Fly with the birds over the Kimberley in Western Australia, find a moment of peace in Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest, explore the Sydney Opera House and hear snow crush under the feet of a wombat high up on Mount Kosciuszko, New South Wales. Dive with humpbacks in Harvey Bay, QLD and fly over the big red rock at the heart of the country. 

Take a cliff-top bath in Hinchinbrook Island National Park, QLD, drive down Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and admire some of Australia’s most impressive landscapes from above.

Surf with dolphins off the coast of WA, parasail over the Great Barrier Reef and swim with seals in Baird Bay, SA.

Experience the iconic sights and sounds of Australia as you boat through the Horizontal Falls in WA, watch an Aboriginal performance in the Red Centre and sail over the Kimberly.

Walk onto Lake Eyre in SA, sweep over the Opera House and watch the marching of tiny crabs on Fraser Island.

Hear the trickling of water in the Daintree, follow the flight of birds across Arnhem Land in the NT, be delighted by the cuteness of quokkas on Rottnest Island and admire the size and beauty of the Blue Mountains in NSW.

Watch the little penguins on Phillip Island make their long trek back home after a hard day of fishing, fly down the falls of Kakadu National Park in the NT and star gaze at Cradle Moutain-Lake St Clair National Park in Tassie.

To see more of Tourism Australia’s digital marketing campaign click here.


Have you experienced any of these iconic destinations firsthand? Have these clips inspired you to explore Australia when restrictions ease?

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