New Opal ticketing

The NSW prepaid public transport ticketing system, Opal, has been extended to include seniors and pensioner travel. Sue is wondering whether it will be easy for older Australians to access?

Q. Sue

The NSW Government has introduced a pre-paid public transport ticketing system called ‘Opal’ and has opened this to senior and pensioner travellers, which is a logical extension of the scheme. However, as I understand it, the new arrangements are only going to be advertised on YouTube and seniors will need to apply either on-line or by phone for an Opal card. No face-to-face facilities will be available. This assumes that all seniors either have, or can get access to, a computer and that they have a credit card. Many seniors who I know do not have either.

The NSW Government does not seem concerned about how seniors are going to cope with the change which unfortunately could lead to more homebound oldies.

 What do others think? Am I being negative?


You are indeed correct Sue that Opal is being extended to seniors, however, you can continue to use standard tickets. If you choose to have an Opal card, you can order online at, or you can call 13 67 25 and have one sent to you.

You do not need a credit card to have an Opal card sent to you, as there is no fee attached for seniors/pensioners. Should you wish to add value to your card, you can do so at any of the Opal retailers around NSW, and pay by whichever method you choose.

The one drawback, however, is that should you wish to view details of your card and account, you can only do this by having an online account. You will, however, have your balance displayed each time you touch on and touch off.

Written by Debbie McTaggart