Fish The Top End

Bragging rights will be all yours after you cast off the rocks into the pristine clear waters of Northern Territory’s Coburg Peninsula and pull up a barramundi or mangrove jack. Expect to catch fish, and lots of them. After a successful days catch, take one back to your Coburg Beach Hut and look at it for a while, before handing it over to the capable hands of pro-chef Belinda Lewis, who will cook up your one that didn’t get away.

Belinda spent 12 years as a chef, training in the Hunter Valley, NSW, before travelling up the east coast and working at the Cape Don Homestead in the Northern Territory. Now she and her partner Jason run the eco-tourist Cape Don Beach Huts in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park. Jason takes you out to all the fishing hot-spots and Belinda prepares to make a happy fisherman or woman even happier.

“You can’t get fresher produce or happier guests – there’s a lot of pride and pleasure that comes out of enjoying your own catch,” says Belinda.