Fremantle Prison Tunnel Tours

The Fremantle Prison Tunnels Tour is now open.  This tour allows visitors with a sense of adventure and mystique to explore the one kilometre labyrinth of tunnels built, more than a century ago, 20 metres below the prison. Hardhats, overalls, harnesses and ladders are part of the thrill in accessing the maze of tunnels that visitors can explore on foot and by boat.

Prison labour was originally used to construct the tunnel system in the 1890s to supply the whole of Fremantle with fresh water. Tour participants discover original blast holes, bores, oil lamp recesses and artifacts from the days when working in the tunnels was hard labour for prisoners, before boarding replica punts and paddling themselves through submerged sections. For those who prefer their adventures above ground, there are many options of fun themed tours including ‘Doing Time’ and ‘A Torchlight Tour’.

Freemantle Prison