How far away can you go?

This issue we highlight the destination of Faraway Bay, surely one of the prettiest names on the planet. located on a cliff top, 280km north west of Kununurra, overlooking the Timor Sea, hosts Bruce and Robyn Ellison offer ecological touring at its best

Warning – this is not an easy destination to reach (access is by chartered light aircraft from Kununurra, Broome or Darwin or by helicopter, then a four wheel drive trip to the camp), and therefore it is very expensive – a real splurge. But we thought it might be fun to highlight Faraway Bay for the handful who can afford such a holiday – and for the many armchair travellers who just like to hear about different locations.

Activities include exploring ancient rock art, swimming in inland water holes, fishing, bird watching, bush walking, star gazing and boating and by staying at Faraway Bay visitors help sponsor ongoing environmental scientific research programs as well as natural and cultural resource management programs.

Owners Bruce and Robyn Ellison have lived and worked in Australia’s north for over 40 years. Bruce has enjoyed a colourful bushy’s life, shooting donkeys in remote bushland for pet meat and culling water buffalo and crocodiles, and guide, Steve, has spent 15 years in the Kimberley including time as a fisherman and stockmen. Contact the Faraway Bay Office + 61 89169 1214.

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