Top picks in WA for nature lovers

For those who revel in nature and the great outdoors, there’s no shortage of sights to see in Western Australia. From the outback to the coast, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the splendour of the natural world in the west. Plus these sights are incredibly diverse given that WA is the nation’s largest state, taking up about a third of the country. Here are our favourite spots for nature lovers in WA.

Wave Rock
Formed over 3 million years ago, Wave Rock bears an uncanny resemblance to a giant wave. Measuring more than 100m in length and 14m high, Wave Rock is one of nature’s true phenomena, not to mention a great photo opportunity.

The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles are thousands of limestone formations in the desert, some of which reach up to five metres high. It is estimated they were formed some time in the past 80,000 years. You can easily pass a couple of hours getting lost in exploring these fascinating formations.

Shell Beach
Located on WA’s Coral Coast, Shell Beach, as you may have guessed, is famous for being covered in millions of tiny shells. The beach is part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, which is remarkably rich in marine flora and fauna. Shell Beach is more than 70km long and has very salty water, making it easier to float – always helpful when swimming in the sea!

Cape Le Grand
Cape Le Grand is a national park that is about 45 minutes drive south east from Esperance. It’s over 300km² in area and home to a wide range of native wildlife, as well as the stunning, colourful wildflowers for which WA is well-known. Cape Le Grand features beautiful, deserted beaches and no shortage of bushwalking options.

Hamelin Pool Stromatolites                                                                     
The Hamelin Pool stromatolites, like Shell Beach, form part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area and are the world’s oldest and largest living fossils. Comprised of algae, sand and sediment, they have formed over millions of years. A viewing platform and walkway at the stromatolites allows you to view these rare metre-high structures.

Bungle Bungles
Perhaps the most famous natural land form, the Bungle Bungles, were largely unknown to most Australians and the world until the early 1980s. Purnululu National Park was established shortly after to protect and promote the site. Purnululu means sandstone in the local indigenous language and the curious Bungle Bungle Range is often said to resemble tiger-striped beehives. With some of these orange and black striped formations rising almost 600m above sea level, the Bungle Bungles are a sight to behold, especially from the air. 

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