Qantas tells where Aussies can expect to travel in early 2021

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Qantas has announced the domestic and international destinations that Australians can travel to as early as 2021.

The Aussie airline revealed that New Zealand and parts of Asia could be on the table.

“Both Qantas and Jetstar are keeping a close eye on new markets that might open up as a result of these bubbles – including places that weren’t part of our pre-COVID network,” said Qantas group chairman Richard Goyder.

“By early next year, we may find that Korea, Taiwan and various islands in the Pacific are top Qantas destinations while we wait for our core international markets like the US and UK to reopen.”

Qantas chief Alan Joyce lamented the fact that the airline is only hitting half of the 60 per cent of flights it projected would be in the air by now.

“This delay resulted in a $100 million negative impact on earnings for the first quarter of FY21 and will have an impact on Q2 as well,” he said.

“Essentially, this is a timing issue. We know the upswing will materialise – just later than planned.

“Importantly, we have the liquidity to manage this.

“Assuming Queensland opens to New South Wales in coming weeks, we expect group domestic capacity to reach up to 50 per cent by Christmas.

“We know that latent travel demand is strong. We saw that with our ‘scenic flight’ earlier this month, which sold out in 10 minutes. And we saw it when South Australia opened to New South Wales, with 20,000 seats selling across Qantas and Jetstar in just 36 hours.”

International travel will be off the cards for a while, says Qantas, so it’s putting most of its eggs in the domestic basket and will be faced with some tough decisions over the coming months.

“As already announced, more than 6000 people will leave the business, with a review of another 2000-plus roles in ground handling underway,” said Mr Goyder.

“Around 18,000 of our people remain stood down.

“The human impact of these actions deserves to be acknowledged. Many regard Qantas or QantasLink or Jetstar as not just their employer, but a second family. I want to pay particular tribute to those who have left after many years – sometimes decades – of loyal service to the national carrier.

“Can I also say, these decisions are about putting the Qantas Group in a position where we can survive, recover and ultimately grow again. They are about preserving as many jobs as possible in the long term.”

Where would you like to go in 2021?

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    At present we have no desire to leave Australia for an overseas destination. Good luck to those who do want to go, however keep some money together for a 2 week stay in quarantine upon returning. Just to be on the safe side.

    • 0

      Yes I think you are right, I would love to travel, but the risk is too high at the moment, even travel within states is a bit suss, things can change over night as they did in Victoria, my wife wants to go to Norfolk Island, I want to go to Cairns but I am reluctant to travel to either at the moment, travel insurance won’t necessarily cover Covid cancellation.

    • 0

      Been up in Cairns, staying for 6 weeks because Qld closed the borders while we were up there and we decided to stay on. very safe place – social distancing, data entry required but fewer people around so it was much easier.
      Norfolk Island is open for people flying from Brisbane at the moment, should be safe, only Air New Zealand is flying there as far as I know, had to use their service out of Brisbane, you no longer need a passport but should have ID (drivers licence).

  2. 0

    No interest in the USA until some sanity returns there, medically and politically, but Canada?

  3. 0

    Bags are packed gathering dust for overseas. May need a shovel to shift the dust before we can travel unfortunately.

  4. 0

    You don’t have to fly for domestic travel within Australia. We wanted to go to Cairns so we travelled to Cairns on the Spirit of Queensland overnight train from the Sunshine Coast where we live. It starts the journey in Brisbane but stops for pick ups en route. We boarded the train from our small hinterland town. Very easy. It was one of the most relaxing enjoyable journeys we had done. Comfortable bed, nice food and good service. Just enjoy the scenery. No airports, no parking, no queues, no passport control and no security checks. All fully covid safe with strict social distancing in place. Highly recommended.



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