Why you should visit Botswana in the secret green season

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Botswana may be popular among safari seekers, but what you may not know of is the secret green season between October and April when rain transforms the once arid landscape into lush greenery. African safari specialists Jenman Safaris shares its top tips and reasons to visit Botswana at this special time.

Luxury of space
Given the lack of crowds, you will benefit from the luxury of space and revel in the fresh verdant landscape and tranquil surrounds during your stay.

More value for money
If you’re one for a bargain, then this is the best time to take advantage of significantly reduced rates for the many safari packages on offer, and even stay longer for less. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy some slow travel and fully immerse your senses.

lion and cub

Excellent wildlife sightings
With fewer safari jeeps about, you will no doubt enjoy the full benefit of the vast open spaces and quietness during your game viewing excursions. You will also be able to spend more time at a particular location to observe wildlife, including bird migrations, animal births and even some bitter-sweet predator action.

Birthing season
The green season in Botswana is the best time to witness animal’s being born. It is a privilege to see, for example, lion or leopard cubs, baby buck and hippos enter the world. If you’re lucky, you might even hear their first calls.

baby leopard cubs in botswana

The great zebra migration
While you may have heard of the wildebeest migrations, very few people know about the zebra migration. A fascinating and spectacular sight, the zebra migration in Botswana is the longest land animal migration in the world, where the herds travel from the north inland towards the Kalahari Desert in search of greener pastures (before heading back during the dry months). 

zebra migration in botswana

Picture perfect
The photographer in you will appreciate the lighting in Botswana at this time of year. Not only will the greenery and other pops of colour from desert flowers and animals set against the dramatic stormy skies make for incredible photography, but the less dusty air will also afford you richer and more intense colours.

For more information on the secret green season in Botswana, visit www.jenmansafaris.com or speak to your preferred Africa travel specialist.

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