Dream big: Canada’s wilderness backyard awaits

Beautiful Canada is looking forward to welcoming you - when the time is right.

Canada has an annual hair freezing contest – and the pictures are amazing

Bad hair days at -20 degrees.

Pat Spadafora sends a pandemic postcard from Ancaster, Canada

What is lockdown life like in Canada?

Top five tips for touring Toronto like a local

Who best to show you the real Toronto? The locals, that's who.

Insider’s Guide: Niagara Falls and surrounding towns

Niagara Falls locals share their insider tips on the Falls and the surrounding towns.

Sandra Oh shows you how to fly like a Canadian

Air Canada launches a series of fun how-to-be-a-better traveller promos.

Get to know the true Toronto by bike with a local guide

Hit the ground riding in Toronto with a local-led bike tour.

The fabled all-white Spirit Bear and its ancient rainforest home

Follow one of the world's rarest animals through untouched wilderness.

Travel Vision: BC is simply breathtaking

BC is more than just scenery, but what you do see is simply breathtaking.

Nova Scotia: A land where art is life and life is art

Nova Scotians treat life as art - as we all should.

When it comes to holidays, this tiny town has big pull

Watch this video and you'll really want to go there ...

Through the lens: Canada's wildlife in action

The chance of spotting wildlife on your trip to Canada is almost guaranteed.

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