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Fly Business Class to Canada

Fly Business Class from $5995* per person when you book selected tours throughout North America departing from Australia in 2019. Includes taxes up to the value of $200 per person. Book by 17 May 2018.

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Companion Fly Free to Canada Including Taxes*

When two people book selected tours throughout North America departing from Australia, one person will receive free return economy class flights, including taxes to the value of $200* per person. Book by 17 May 2018.

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British Columbia

BC'S Coastal Adventure

Experience three of British Columbia's cities in such a way that the journey is just as visually captivating as the destinations themselves.  Travel Vancouver to Whistler, stopping at the Squamish Lil'Wat Cultural Centre along the way.

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Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise

Spend 14 days exploring Western Canada before embarking on an Alaskan cruise.



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Rockies, Alaska and Yukon Adventure and Glacier Discovery Cruise

Tour historic Dawson City and see some of the original gold rush era buildings. 

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Northwest Territories

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Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari

This exhilarating narwhal andpolarbear tour will take you to the northern reaches of Nunavut, where the sea ice is melting and marine mammals along with other Arctic wildlife can be found travelling north along the floe edge where food is concentrated.

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White Christmas Dreams

Be wondered by Canada at Christmas with a 12-day Christmas adventure travelling from Calgary to Vancouver through some of the most beautiful parts of Western Canada.

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National Parks of the Canadian Rockies Westbound

The Rockies are a great reason to explore the Canadian West, but why stop there? Find yourself face-to-face with moose, deer and maybe even a bear on this trip loaded with diverse experiences – whale-watching, glacier hikes, hot springs, and much, much more – you’ll stuff a lifetime’s worth of adventure into the space of a mere two weeks.

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Ranchlands & Prairies

Discover a world of fossils, cowboy culture and central Canada treasures on a unique new itinerary combining new destinations in Saskatchewan. Authentic ranches demonstrate how life on horseback was for the settlers of the 19th century.

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Experience the wonder of polar bears

An animal lover? Then why not visit Canada to encounter the magical polar bears? Be mesmerised as they tumble in the snow, roll, stretch and spar with each other. Sue Wallace shares her experience.

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Canadian Polar Bear Experience

Imagine watching polar bears in the wild alongside a naturalist expert from Polar Bears International, one of the world's leading organizations dedicated to protecting these amazing animals.

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Kings of the Arctic - Polar Bears, Whales & Walrus

Amongst the captivating scenes of glitening ice and mirror-smooth waters, we will venture out to the floe edge and immerse ourselves in the kingdom of polar bears, bowhead whales and walrus.


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Eastern Canada by Rail

Journey to the land of maples trees to discover Canada’s historic heartland.

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 Newfoundland and Labrador

Tour the Titanic

Beginning in Newfoundland, Canada, you’ll take a helicopter or seaplane to a yacht near the famous ship. From here you’ll travel to the wreck in a submarine and have the opportunity to dive down and see it for yourself.

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Circle Newfoundland and Labrador

The best of “the Far East of the Western World”.  Learn of ancient peoples – the Maritime Archaic, Vikings, and Basques – as you travel to coastal fishing communities to meet the friendly locals.  See whales, seabirds, and, depending on the time of the year, icebergs! 

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 Nova Scotia



Food and fear in Nova Scotia

Thanks to its cool coastal waters, Nova Scotia is known for its abundance of seafood, especially lobster. And as Christine Retschlag discovered, many a spooky tale too.

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New Brunswick

Canada’s Maritime Provinces by rail

As we enter New Brunswick, our Coordinator, Peter, produces a wooden lobster trap and a plastic lobster and proceeds to demonstrate how locals catch this succulent fruit of the sea.

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Atlantic Maritimes

The world’s highest tides, rocky coves, cosmopolitan cities, rich history, warm hospitality, rustic fishing villages, succulent seafood, unspoiled nature, first-rate facilities and travel routes...all of these things and more make Canada’s Maritime Provinces one of the world’s most popular destinations.

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Prince Edward Island

Lose yourself in Charlottetown

Charlottetown may be known as the birthplace of both Canada and Anne of Green Gables, but, as Angela Saurine was only too happy to discover, it’s the best place to ‘get lost’.

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Best of Prince Edward Island

Canada’s smallest province is a quaint place of natural beauty and rich history so sit back and enjoy the ride along Prince Edward Island’s alluring coastal scenery.

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Canada: by road, rail and sea

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Canada: by road, rail and sea

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