No stopping you

After volunteering at a local disabled ski school, Tommy Chevette realised that modified equipment on offer soon left instructors with aching backs and muscles. He set to work and invented the sit-ski (ISOSIT), giving greater access to snow fun to those in wheelchairs. Based on the fit of a ski boot, the ISOSIT is adjustable and has a push-up cylinder that takes part of the skiers weight, making it easier to get in and out of, and thanks to its clever design, skiers can remain in it when riding chairlifts.

Another clever invention from the snow loving Canadian is the Sno-Limo, a single-person sled-chair with room for a driver, great for those less agile or not brave enough to tackle the slopes solo. Standing driectly behind his passenger, the driver guides the sled down the slopes on skis attached to the unit. As with the ISOSIT, you can also ride the chairlift whilst in the Sno-Limo.

The Sno-Limo is currently on offer at four British Columbia ski resorts: Grouse Mountain, Big White, Sun Peaks and Whistler.

For more information visit Sno-Limo.