Northern light

“Northern lights, northern lights!”

It was 3:00am on a December morning and the young man who first saw them graciously and excitedly shared the news with those who were enjoying music and hot chocolate in the homey

log cabin.

With nary a word, parkas were grabbed, hats were pulled over ears and 23 guests streamed out the door. It was as if they were saving their enthusiasm for their first glimpse of the dancing curtains of lights that, to each of them until this very moment, had been just legend.

The guests gasped at the first sight and then squealed with glee. They had heard of such things, seen pictures even, but to stand beneath them and watch one of nature’s most glorious displays was more than they had ever hoped for.

Watching the northern lights is incredible….and something that should be on everybody’s “bucket list”.

Yukon enjoys exceptional viewing of the aurora borealis. You can gaze in awe from a hot tub, wilderness lodge, cabin, wall tent, around the campfire or while soaking in a natural hot spring. The aurora is visible from late August to early April. Visit in late August or early September and you’ll also witness the magic of a Yukon autumn.

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