Onboard with Peter

Operated by Via Rail, Canada, The Ocean is the train which travels from Montréal to Halifax and back. This is the oldest continuously operated passenger train in North America, cutting across the Maritimes Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and providing easy access to the story-book charms of Prince Edward Island.

Our journey commences in French-speaking Montreal; a city of great culture and even better cuisine. We board at 6.30 pm and soon after are ensconced in the dining car awaiting a meal of traditional favourites using local ingredients. We are booked in Easterly class which means we enjoy dinner, breakfast and lunch, a sleeper car as well as the attentions of the specially trained learning coordinator. Our coordinator, Peter, is a hoot. He dons a different vest made of the local tartan as we enter and leave the various provinces. Peter shares the secrets of lobster fishing, local history and culture and fine wines. He is a great source of knowledge and happy to answer any random question that might arise. As part of the Easterly experience we are also granted access the superdome, a two storey car at the back of the train, with a 360-degree view of the surrounding farmland and coast. Via Rail offer many senior-specific specials so make sure to ask for a discount if you’ve passed the magical age of 60!

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